To the neurodivergent, doubtful, overwhelmed, anxious, skeptical cybersecurity college student or entry level cyber professional promising him/herself that THIS time, this week, this month, today you will finally assert yourself. Today you will have the grit and courage to step into fear, despite a racing heartbeat, knotted stomach, stumbling over words, sweaty palms, fidgety fingers, feelings of insecurities and thoughts of “what ifs”, you will still show up at the next event, the next meeting, or the next Zoom call, to finally walk up and introduce yourself, or send that first LinkedIn in-mail introduction to that ONE hiring manager, Chief Information Security Officer, peer, Cybersecurity Recruiter, career mentor, or college professor. —

Here is my response to your future self, post-breakthrough:

“Hi {First Name},
So nice to virtually/meet you!
I commend you for taking initiative and introducing yourself. You rock!
What is your availability for a brief call next week? I’d love to learn more about you, your background & career aspirations. And, hopefully, answer any questions you may have about the cybersecurity industry.
Looking forward to our convo!

WHAT IF all is in your favor – once you crush that fear monster? –Believe it!

If nothing else, be brave enough to take that one initial step toward your career goals and into your future career. Or, take little itsy bitsy steps each day. Consistency is key! It WILL get easier! You will see.

Plus, you don’t have to do it perfectly before seeing progress. You just have to make the effort.

TRY it, then watch the magic happen!

Do you want to break into cybersecurity, and trying to figure out which cybersecurity job or set of cyber skills you should pursue? Email the Bolt Cyber Force team today!

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