Top Cybersecurity Skills

SOFT SKILLS is the biggest skills gap next to cloud computing in today’s cybersecurity workforce!

If you’re an introvert, feel socially awkward going to security conferences, freeze up on job interviews, feel nervous and slightly intimidated at the thought of leveling up in your career, or entering into the cybersecurity workforce altogether – Don’t worry!

We got YOU. Soft skills are totally coachable.

With a little practice, you’ll be networking, initiating conversations, and having successful interviews in no time! Which means, job offers CAN and WILL come your way!

Employers want to see you break out of your shell and gain the communications skills needed to assert yourself, effectively communicate with end-users, customers, and key stakeholders.

When cyber professionals work with Bolt Resources, we help you prepare for interviews and get engaged with the cybersecurity community!

Join the Bolt Cyber Force community today! We look forward to serving as your advocate and cheering you on through your cyber career ventures!

You got this.

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