CYBER ESSENTIALS: Yourself, The Leader

Why CEOs must discuss cybersecurity in the boardroom

Drive Cybersecurity Strategy,  Investment and Culture Being a leader in cybersecurity does not require technical expertise, but rather an ability to change the culture of your organization. Reducing your organization’s cyber risks requires awareness of cyber basics. As a leader, you need to drive your organization’s approach to cybersecurity as you would any other hazard (e.g. how you […]

CYBER ESSENTIALS: Your Staff and End Users

cyber security awareness and training

Develop Security Awareness and Vigilance 1. Leverage basic cyber security training – Ensure your staff understands what types of cyber threats to be alert for and why this knowledge and awareness will help protect themselves and the organization. 2. Foster a workplace culture of awareness to encourage employees to make good choices online. Identify the behavior you want to change and develop a […]