Why The Cybersecurity Workforce Needs Veterans

Between April 2021 and April 2022 we’ve had 715,000 job openings in the United States — a demand growth rate of 43% compared to 18% across all types of jobs.Today – the private sector and the government are in need of a cybersecurity workforce now more than ever, and former military service members #veterans are especially poised to fill the cybersecurity gap. Nearly half of U.S. […]

To the aspiring neurodivergent cybersecurity professional trying to break into the cyber industry

To the neurodivergent, doubtful, overwhelmed, anxious, skeptical cybersecurity college student or entry level cyber professional promising him/herself that THIS time, this week, this month, today you will finally assert yourself. Today you will have the grit and courage to step into fear, despite a racing heartbeat, knotted stomach, stumbling over words, sweaty palms, fidgety fingers, feelings of insecurities […]