National Security C.L.A.S.S Summit Nov. 1 & 2

Join us for this year’s virtual National Security C.L.A.S.S. cyber, land, air, sea & space Summit, hosted by America’s Future Series and sponsor, Comtech Telecommunications Corp. You will hear focused discussion on U.S. Global Competitiveness & National Security policy, practices, solutions and challenges. Key topics will include Geo-Politics, Military Preparedness, Advanced Technologies, Dual-Use Technologies, and […]

LockBit Ransomware – The Most Active Global Threat

LockBit RaaS

“One of the most popular and sophisticated threats, LockBit (a RaaS group), has maintained its position of being a leader in ransomware threats. Each of its variants, namely LockBit 1.0, LockBit 2.0, and LockBit 3.0, has caused grave damage and impact during its malicious campaigns, and it continues to do so.” Read more:

Common Internet Scams and Cyber Crimes

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Bolt Resources has partnered with Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and National Cybersecurity Alliance in a collective effort to spread security awareness and help organizations stay safe online. This year’s theme, “See Yourself in Cyber,” focuses on the people behind the devices. Protect Your Business Businesses suffered 50% more cyberattack attempts per week […]

North Texas ISSA & InfraGard October Lunch & Learn

North Texas ISSA October Lunch & Learn

Join us for North Texas ISSA and the North Texas Chapter of InfraGard join October meeting to discuss the topic, “FBI: Cyber Threat Landscape & Private Sector Relationships”. Since 2002, the FBI Cyber Division has not only responded to and investigated cybersecurity incidents, but they have also worked with the private sector to prevent them. […]

The Biggest Cybersecurity Skill Gaps in Today’s Cybersecurity Professionals

Top Cybersecurity Skills

SOFT SKILLS is the biggest skills gap next to cloud computing in today’s cybersecurity workforce! If you’re an introvert, feel socially awkward going to security conferences, freeze up on job interviews, feel nervous and slightly intimidated at the thought of leveling up in your career, or entering into the cybersecurity workforce altogether – Don’t worry! […]

Wi-Fi drones were used by hackers to penetrate a financial firm’s network remotely

“The attackers specifically targeted a limited access network, used by both a third-party and internally, that was not secure due to recent changes at the company (e.g. restructuring/rebranding, new building, new building lease, new network setup or a combination of any of these scenarios),” Linares told The Register. Malicious parties get access to your system […]

CYBER ESSENTIALS: Yourself, The Leader

Why CEOs must discuss cybersecurity in the boardroom

Drive Cybersecurity Strategy,  Investment and Culture Being a leader in cybersecurity does not require technical expertise, but rather an ability to change the culture of your organization. Reducing your organization’s cyber risks requires awareness of cyber basics. As a leader, you need to drive your organization’s approach to cybersecurity as you would any other hazard (e.g. how you […]

CYBER ESSENTIALS: Your Staff and End Users

cyber security awareness and training

Develop Security Awareness and Vigilance 1. Leverage basic cyber security training – Ensure your staff understands what types of cyber threats to be alert for and why this knowledge and awareness will help protect themselves and the organization. 2. Foster a workplace culture of awareness to encourage employees to make good choices online. Identify the behavior you want to change and develop a […]