Join us for this year’s virtual National Security C.L.A.S.S. cyber, land, air, sea & space Summit, hosted by America’s Future Series and sponsor, Comtech Telecommunications Corp.

You will hear focused discussion on U.S. Global Competitiveness & National Security policy, practices, solutions and challenges. Key topics will include Geo-Politics, Military Preparedness, Advanced Technologies, Dual-Use Technologies, and Supply Chain Resilience across all domains, including space.

This virtual two-day event will include Award Recipients Jeff Bezos and Kevin Mandia, along with notable guest speakers; GEN David Petraeus, GEN Keith Alexander, Congressman Pete Sessions, National Cyber Director Chris Inglis, Colonel Andy Milburn, USMC (Ret) Ken Peterman of Comtech, David Webb, Human Rights Activist Zhou Fengsou, Maj Gen Kim Crider of Deloitte, Chris Capelutto of Task & Purpose, and many more.

Bolt Resources is a proud supporter of our U.S. Military and partner organizations! We recognize America’s Future Series (AFS), a non-partisan speaker series founded in 2010 providing a civil forum to discuss U.S. Global Competitiveness and National Security.

AFS benefits worthy military causes.

Over $7,000,000 has been raised from donations and event proceeds.

We welcome you to invite all of your friends, colleagues and organizations you support to join us November 1-2, 2022!

Please use code AFSCLASS for free admission and share liberally with your network!

To register, visit America’s Future Series

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