By Jai Vijayan

“The software giant also recorded an increase in attacks on IT services companies as state-backed threat actors have adapted to better enterprise defenses and cast a wider net, Microsoft says.

Enterprise security executives that perceive nation-state-backed cyber groups as a distant threat might want to revisit that assumption, and in a hurry.

Several recent geopolitical events around the world over the past year have spurred a sharp increase in nation-state activity against critical targets, such as port authorities, IT companies, government agencies, news organizations, cryptocurrency firms, and religious groups.

A Microsoft analysis of the global threat landscape over the last year, released Nov. 4, showed that cyberattacks targeting critical infrastructure doubled, from accounting for 20% of all nation-state attacks to 40% of all attacks that the company’s researchers detected.

Furthermore, their tactics are shifting — most notably, Microsoft recorded an uptick in the use of zero-day exploits.”

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