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For the non-technical person, we recommend reading related articles such as this techie finding by Bleeping Computer to discover the how, the why, and the extra bonus of learning something new & uber nerdy.

In short — this article explains, “When spreading to other devices, the botnet uses a telnet/SSH brute-forcer that tries to connect using default or weak credentials.”

Key takeaways for staff employees and business leaders who aren’t threat actors, hackers or gifted IT pros:

Weak passwords = HIGH RISK. High risk could lead to service interruption within your organization, and customers who use your services.

This kind of cyber attack is known as a DDoS attack (distributed denial of service). Such an attack will cause you, your staff, and customers to lose access to your organization’s websites, databases, and pretty much anything requiring an internet connections.

Cybersecurity measures you and your team can implement now–

Update passwords, don’t use the same passwords, don’t store passwords.

Update and patch business systems and software REGULARLY.

Read full article here.

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