By U.S. Cyber Command PAO U.S. Cyber Command

“Fort George G. Meade, Maryland  –  Cyberspace is not governed by a central body, but by numerous government and non-governmental organizations across the globe. The cyber domain is not naturally occurring and is wholly dependent upon owned or leased technology on both government and commercial infrastructure providers for its existence and operation. Due to the ever-evolving technological aspects of the information environment, adversaries are continuously looking to disrupt and degrade the integrity of U.S. information networks and those of its allies and partners.

These campaigns can take shape through overt efforts to infiltrate and disrupt U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) networks, steal information and intellectual property from U.S. government and private sector companies, and spread online disinformation campaigns designed to sow division among the American people. These activities present an unacceptable risk to the United States. Without a strategy to defeat these persistent campaigns, the United States risks death by a thousand cuts.”

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