October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Bolt Resources has partnered with Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and National Cybersecurity Alliance in a collective effort to spread security awareness and help organizations stay safe online.

This year’s theme, “See Yourself in Cyber,” focuses on the people behind the devices.

Protect Your Business

Businesses suffered 50% more cyberattack attempts per week in 2021. “Over US $43 billion has been lost through Business Email Compromise attacks since 2016″, according to data released this week by the FBI.

Cyber risks are business risks. A network intrusion can be detrimental to your organization and its stakeholders. It can also affect your reputation, your people, and even your community. Businesses cannot address the range of cyber security threats alone, which is why partnering with your local FBI field office should be one of your business priorities.

Understand Common Risks and Crimes

Ransomware can disrupt business operations and cost millions.

Data breaches can reveal trade secrets, proprietary material, and customer data.

Third party systems can be a vector for malware.

Business email compromise (BEC) takes advantage of the way we do business today and can result in huge financial losses.

Spoofing and phishing schemes are one of the most common ways individuals within an organization are tricked into providing sensitive information, downloading damaging code, or allowing criminals access to their systems.

Keep up to date with cybersecurity industry alerts on www.ic3.gov

Contact Your Local FBI Field Office if you or your organization is the victim of a network intrusion, data breach, or ransomware attack, contact your nearest FBI field office or report it at tips.fbi.gov.

Does your organization need help finding qualified cybersecurity talent, providing security awareness training to your staff, or vCISO consulting services? Email info@boltresources.net to schedule a discovery call today!

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