National Cybersecurity Education Colloquium Hack the Building 2.0 Student Competition Request For Medical expertise And Medical Equipment

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HACK THE BUILDING STUDENT COMPETITION AND REQUEST FOR MEDICAL EXPERTISE AND MEDICAL EQUIPMENT Announcement of NCEC’s Hack the Building student competition and request for medical expertise and medical equipment “The finals for the 2023 Hack the Building 2.0 student competition will occur concurrently with the National Cybersecurity Education Colloquium. Hosted at the DreamPort facility in […]

Bolt Resources: Partnering with NICE to Empower Cybersecurity Professionals and Reset Expectations

At Bolt Resources, we are on a mission-focused journey to push the boundaries and tackle the inherent challenges current and aspiring cyber professionals are facing in their careers and job search. So we can provide an abundance of resources to cybersecurity professionals at every level, we understand the importance of establishing powerful and strategic alliances […]

The Cybersecurity Skills Gap: Is Diversity, Equity and Inclusion The Answer?

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The global cybersecurity skills gap increased to 26.2% compared to 2021, according to the (ISC)2 2022 Cybersecurity Workforce Study.  A survey by the World Economic Forum found that 59% of businesses would find it difficult to respond to a cybersecurity incident due to the shortage of skills. With a widening skills gap, it’s safe to ponder […]

Cyber Careers and Coffee with Jessie Bolton

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Join Bolt Resources‘ Founder and Cybersecurity Talent Advisor, Jessie Bolton, this Saturday to kick off Cyber Careers and Coffee LIVE webinar Q & A sesh with featured guest,  Jonalea Gaalema! Jonalea will share her journey and career transition into the InfoSec and Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) industry.  We’ll collectively share experiences, and discuss the high’s […]

Strengthology Live: Gallup CliftonStrengths Analysis Featuring Jessie Bolton

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Join Jessie Bolton and our partners at Strengthology to discuss the Activator + Developer + Relator Gallup CliftonStrength combination, and the benefits of knowing and understanding your employees’ and/or your own strengths to excel in the workplace, and build a dynamic culture in any organization — with Brandy Schade, Jessie Bolton and Keyla Kirton. If you miss it, catch […]

To the aspiring neurodivergent cybersecurity professional trying to break into the cyber industry

To the neurodivergent, doubtful, overwhelmed, anxious, skeptical cybersecurity college student or entry level cyber professional promising him/herself that THIS time, this week, this month, today you will finally assert yourself. Today you will have the grit and courage to step into fear, despite a racing heartbeat, knotted stomach, stumbling over words, sweaty palms, fidgety fingers, feelings of insecurities […]

National Security C.L.A.S.S Summit Nov. 1 & 2

Join us for this year’s virtual National Security C.L.A.S.S. cyber, land, air, sea & space Summit, hosted by America’s Future Series and sponsor, Comtech Telecommunications Corp. You will hear focused discussion on U.S. Global Competitiveness & National Security policy, practices, solutions and challenges. Key topics will include Geo-Politics, Military Preparedness, Advanced Technologies, Dual-Use Technologies, and […]