At Bolt Resources, we are on a mission-focused journey to push the boundaries and tackle the inherent challenges current and aspiring cyber professionals are facing in their careers and job search.

So we can provide an abundance of resources to cybersecurity professionals at every level, we understand the importance of establishing powerful and strategic alliances with industry partners. That’s why we recently had the privilege of attending the NICE conference in Seattle, WA—an invaluable experience that allowed us to engage with passionate game changers who are also taking decisive action to combat the cyber talent shortage and related issues.

Through engaging with like-minded cybersecurity professionals, educators, trainers, thought leaders, and industry-leading organizations, we were able to contribute to in-depth discussions about the latest workforce trends, key challenges, and innovative solutions for building a robust and diverse cybersecurity workforce. The energy and enthusiasm we encountered during the conference were truly inspiring.

As a trusted industry partner, we strive to connect organizations with skilled cyber talent, addressing the critical need for cybersecurity expertise. Yet, it seems that we have merely scratched the surface. Which is why we are thrilled to announce that Bolt Resources is teaming up with the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE), and combining our strengths to redefine expectations and forge accessible cyber career pathways for our future cyber superheroes.

Whether you are an individual seeking cybersecurity opportunities or an organization in need of top-notch cyber talent, Bolt Resources is here to support and empower you in your cybersecurity ventures.

Stay tuned for updates as we more good news with you in the near future as we continue to make strides in our partnership with NICE and embark on this exciting journey together!

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