Open doors

Are you a current or aspiring cybersecurity professional seeking new ways to excel in the demanding cybersecurity industry? Maybe you’re pursuing your bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity, or wondering which cybersecurity certification is most valuable in the marketplace.

How do you know if you’re truly committed to your ambitions – big or small, in your career or other aspirations?

  • You aren’t waiting for doors to open. Rather, EVERY day you knock, then ring the doorbell, then camp out.
  • You are incredibly attentive, remaining engaged, hyper-aware of your thoughts, intentions and actions each day.
  • You keep your eyes open, always on the lookout for when an opportunity does present itself. Every day – with GREAT anticipation you act in faith, and CHOOSE to believe, “TODAY IS THE DAY!”
  • You assume you are invited to your ambitions rather than waiting endlessly for permission.

Practical Steps you can take TODAY:

  • “Knock on doors” – Send10 LinkedIn connection requests daily introducing yourself in 250 words or less. –Go ahead, start with me.
  • “Remain engaged” – Visit the North Texas ISSA, explore their website, membership, and sign up for their next monthly lunch & learn. NTX ISSA offers an abundance of networking opportunities while also learning with your peers, and eating a lot of delicious food!
  • “Keep your eyes open” – Grow comfortable by getting uncomfortable. Assert yourself in group settings. Shake hands and introduce yourself to strangers. Don’t be afraid to express your interests and ambitions to become a cybersecurity ninja, or excel in your career. You never know, you could be hired on the spot!
  • “Ring the bell & camp out” – Be persistent in your training, learning, pursuit. Don’t allow the hills and valleys to take you off course. You will meet challenges. You WILL overcome them.
  • “Act in faith” – Serious about your career? Do you believe in your abilities, your strengths and ambitions? Then make a promise to yourself that you will do whatever it takes. —
    • Find a mentor
    • Sign up for that certification class
    • Regularly attend free webinars
    • Listen to daily cybersecurity podcasts
    • Read a book on information security – Follow Bolt Resources to stay tuned on recommendations for the best cybersecurity books on the market today!
    • Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you
    • Step into your fears of “what if’s” and gain your confidence by taking massive action, daily.

Want to take a proactive approach to furthering your career in cybersecurity? Create a Bolt Cyber Force profile today! We will contact you as new job opportunities arise.

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